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12/09/2004 – Rendell: What problem with radar?

Tuesday, April 29th, 2008

This article was published by the Philadelphia Daily News on December 9, 2004. In short, along with the Pennsylvania State Police, Governor Ed Rendell also denies any problems with Genesis Handheld Stationary (GHS) radar despite claims from State Troopers, internal State Police memos documenting the problem, and various reports and studies that showed there were problems.

The state inspector general put a report together on the alleged cover-up of the radar gun problems and gave it to Rendell in April 2004, however, this report has not been released to the public.

This article also discusses the Pennsylvania State Police and their various sex scandals and how they attempted to cover those up as well. This article also contains additional quotes from State Troopers claiming problems with GHS radar. Internal memos show that Cpl. William LaTorre wrote the following to a superior in an e-mail:

…pointed the gun at the road, the sky, trees and, finally, a moving car. The gun said all were going 78 mph. He used the gun properly, he said in an e-mail. “The problem is that if a member doesn’t catch the constant reading, he’ll think a vehicle…is actually traveling that speed,” wrote LaTorre, who was in the Avondale, Chester County barracks at the time. His e-mail went all the way to the head of the Bureau of Patrol.

So there is documentation from State Troopers themselves that state the reported problems with GHS radar, yet the Pennsylvania State Police continues to deny any problems. Why are troopers reporting these issues then…are they just making them up? I don’t think so!

Download the article here.